Bra Colors for Breast Cancer

It was only a mere two weeks ago that you may have been asked to write the color of the bra you were wearing that day in your status on Facebook. Throughout the day on Thursday Jan. 7, on Facebook pages across the country, hundreds of thousands of women were freely, eagerly, even cheerfully sharing the color of the bras they were wearing – many of whom did so without really knowing exactly why they were doing it.

Purple. Black. Magenta. Polka dot. The colors were popping up quicker and quicker as the day ended. While the status updates left many people confused, especially male users of the site, it later came out that all the craziness was to raise awareness for breast cancer. Even though October is national breast cancer awareness month, many organizations that support the cause, including Susan G. Komen for the Cure, stated how ecstatic they were for the free publicity.

 “We think it’s terrific,” said Andrea Rader, a spokesman for Susan G. Komen for the Cure. “It’s a terrific example of how little things get started on the Internet and go a long way to raise cancer awareness.”

In fact, Susan G. Komen for the Cure proved to be a huge beneficiary from the web phenomenon. According to an article written in The Washington Post on Jan. 8, the official Facebook Fan page increased its members by nearly 100,000 additional members by the end of the day that Thursday.

“It would be nice to claim credit for this, but we really have done nothing,” said John Hammarley, another spokesman for Susan G. Komen for Cure, who said he was speechless when first trying to describe the magnitude of that jump in interest. “We have honestly just sat back and watched a classic example of a viral phenomenon unfold from sunrise to almost sunset.”

While the origin of the bra color status trend is still unknown, here at Komen Columbus we support wherever it came from. Anything that makes the world wake up and take on an active part in the in the fight against breast cancer could never be a bad thing. Our only question is: when will it happen again? 🙂