Why YOU should become a Team Captain

Hello Columbus! We want to first and foremost thank everyone who participated in the fundraising event at California Pizza Kitchen yesterday! We know many people may have been needing to get out of the house after the big snowfall Monday so we were so pleased to hear how many people took part in the event. We are hoping to pair up with the restaurant again to do another event in the near future, so stay tuned!

 With the Race being less than three months away, there is no better time to get things rolling than by forming teams and volunteering and believe us, we can use all the help we can get! Donating your time to help Komen Columbus get the Race together is a fantastic way to be involved in your community and meet others just like you who want to help in the global movement against breast cancer.

 Still aren’t convinced to Race? Well, we aren’t done yet! We have compiled a short and simple Top 10 list of why YOU should not only participate in the Race for the Cure, but why YOU should head up an entire team!

 Top 10 Reasons to be a Team Captain.

 10. Together Everyone Achieves More.

 9.  High-fives are easier with more than one person.

 8.  Team t-shirts: design an orginial with your team name or slogan.

 7.  The more the merrier.  Especially when it comes to fundraising.

 6.  It’s relatively stress-free – no major decisions to make after forming a team and designing a t-shirt.

 5.  You were born for these leadership gigs.

 4.  It only takes three extra clicks and an amazing name to create the team.

 3.  Need an excuse for a party? Think: Team Pasta Party the night before the Race.

 2.  Channeling Richard Simmons is perfectly acceptable, you are, after all, the team captain, and motivation is essential.

 1.  Honoring mom, sister, friend, wife, daughter, 3rd grade teacher, aunt, grannie, and all other of our number ones.

 Komen Columbus is asking YOU to take a stand. We are encouraging YOU to bring people together. We want YOU to change lives. All it takes is about 10 minutes visiting our website to get your team signed up. Please feel free to call our office at 614- 297-8155 if you have any questions about Race registration, sponsorship or volunteer opportunities. The support from the Columbus community has been incredible over the years and we are really looking forward to making this year’s Race the best it can be for you!