Nordstrom Fits America!

An easy way to feel good this spring: a new bra! Swing into Nordstrom Saturday, March 20th, 2010 (Easton Town Center location) to receive a complimentary bra fitting from one of Nordstrom’s certified fit specialists. Nordstrom will donate $2 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure for every bra that is purchased. Call the Nordstrom Lingerie department at (614) 416-7111, ext. 1240 to make an appointment, although not necessary because certainly, they can fit you in (ok- pun intended)!

 The 20th doesn’t work for you? Then just recruit 4 or more of your girlfriends and book a Girlfriends Party, complete with a fitting, food and drinks. This could also be a great day to hang out with some of your Race for the Cure team members. Nordstrom will even have a specialist from cosmetics give your party mini-makeovers. Bras will be will be rung up on the 20th and will be sent FREE of charge to your home.

Still not convinced? Here’s a little motivation for you- Cheryl & Co. will be providing sweets on the 20th as you browse.

 Thank you for all of your support!