Men Against Breast Cancer: Partners in Survival

As many of us know, if a loved one is affected with breast cancer, the diagnosis takes a beating on everyone involved. However, the key to sticking with treatment and recovery comes down to the care and support a patient can receive throughout the entire process and Komen Columbus wants to help.

Please Save the Date for an educational workshop targeting the male co-survivors and partners in the fight against breast cancer. This is a free workshop, sponsored by Komen Columbus and the Young Survival Coalition, and will be held the morning of Saturday, April 10th. The workshop is for both survivors and co-survivors and we encourage anyone who has been involved in a loved one’s diagnosis to join in the activities. Partners will work with professionally trained facilitators separately and together to discuss common and unique struggles. Lunch will also be provided for all attendees.

Komen Columbus understands that breast cancer is an issue that affects an entire family and those close to the patient. Our hope is to try and empower all family members and leverage the support from all those involved to help the breast cancer patient have a full positive recovery. Please call 614-470-0300 for more information or to add your names to the list and pre-register.