At Komen Columbus we try to involve our name and organization in the community as much as possible. With that, we also want to try and help put a face, or in our case six faces, to the Komen Columbus name so that our wonderful supporters will know our team on a much more personal level. We first introduced our Executive Director, Katie Carter, and now we would like to introduce our Director of Community Outreach, Megan Knapke.

Megan has been the Director or Community Outreach since October 2008. She is in charge of the affiliate’s Community Grants Program and all educational activities, seminars and initiatives that Komen Columbus provides to the community. She has said her position is rewarding and a very worthwhile role. She works closely with the Public Policy/Advocacy Committee, as well as our newly formed Medical Advisory Council. Megan also completes the Community Profile Report every two years to determine our service area’s breast health needs based on statistical, demographic and qualitative information. This report is extremely important to our grant-making priorities as well as the overall strategic plan for our organization.

Something that motivates Megan to come to work every day is the fact that she is a direct link between the services offered by Komen Columbus and the community members that are in need of those services.

She has said many times that one of her favorite parts of her job is “giving all the money away.” The grant programs and research that Komen Columbus is able to support because of fundraisers and donations is remarkable and Megan gets a front row seat to all the action. She has said, “The fact that I get to see the impact in our own community is fantastic. Few other organizations can provide you with the opportunity to directly impact women in your own community and our grants do just that. Also, the people who run the programs are just as passionate and dedicated to this cause as we are.”

Megan has been a huge attribute to the Komen Columbus staff. She works hard and genuinely enjoys the aspects of her role within the team.  She said, “If I can spread the message of breast health awareness and prevent just one more mother, sister, daughter or friend from dying, then I have truly made an impact.” As most other Komen Columbus staffers, Race time is one of Megan’s favorite times out of the year. Her favorite part of the Race is the “Sea of Pink” at the starting line every year. Whether it’s the pink wigs, pink shirts, pink sweatbands or socks, it is always a beautiful site to see. She said that the support from the Columbus community is overwhelming, especially when you consider that every single individual at the Race for the Cure has been touched by breast cancer in some way.