Impact of Early Detection Visible in Central Ohio

Ever wonder what the money from your Race registration or personal fundraising benefits? Seventy-five percent of all the funds raised by Komen Columbus stays in Central and Southeastern Ohio to fund our community health grant programs, providing breast cancer education, treatment and screening services. Today we were able to see one of those programs in action, and hear about the more than 1,400 women who have received life-saving mammograms because of it.

Komen Columbus Board Member Connie Browning checks out "Sophie," the mammography machine for the Yes Mamm! program funded by Komen Columbus.

Earlier this morning members of the Komen Columbus board and staff met with State Representative Cheryl Grossman at LifeCare Alliance’s Columbus Cancer Clinic to visit the clinic’s Yes Mamm! program, which provided more than 1,400 mammograms to low-income or under-insured women in Central Ohio. Nine women were diagnosed with breast cancer and provided assistance in accessing treatment. Without this program, these women may have been diagnosed at a later stage and faced a worse prognosis, as well as required more invasive treatment options.

The Columbus Cancer Clinic also provides wigs, hats and other items for women in need.

The program is funded through Race for the Cure registrations and corporate and personal donations. With this funding, the Columbus Cancer Clinic is able to provide mobile screening mammograms to women, regardless of their ability to pay. Because they are able to screen women at locations convenient to their own neighborhood, barriers to needed health care are reduced.

As a state, Ohio is 4th in breast cancer mortality but only 34th in breast cancer incidence. We do not fully understand why women in our state face a worse prognosis than women in Michigan, Illinois, California and 43 other states. Early detection, adequate treatment options and reduced disparities will improve this situation, but we must work together to save lives today and end breast cancer forever.


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