Checking in with the Marathon for the Cure Team

It may be tough to get motivated to exercise every day when the weather is this hot, but for members of the inaugural Marathon for the Cure team, training is kicking into high gear as the Columbus Marathon on Sunday, October 17th, quickly approaches.

Last month we profiled Rachel, one of the members of the Marathon for the Cure team and a seven-year breast cancer survivor, who will be walking the half-marathon and has been training regularly to get ready for the big day.

Rachel recommends setting a realistic training schedule in terms of time and distance.  “Small steps toward an attainable goal are better than none at all,” she added.

Having comfortable and lightweight running shorts and good running shoes also make training easier and Rachel also found having a GPS watch helped her track her pace and distance. “Having the watch has enabled me to run in a variety of locations so I’m not always on the same path.”

Rachel also recommends:

  1. If you miss a day enjoy the time off, but refocus to get back on your schedule.
  2. Talk to friends about what you’re doing and to garner their support and encouragement.
  3. If committing to a training schedule seems daunting, focus on the health benefits and just have a good time for a good cause.
  4. Run with a friend. The time seems to pass more quickly.

If you’re interested in registering the Columbus Marathon as part of the Marathon for the Cure team, you can still benefit from Early Bird Pricing – $50 for the half-marathon and $65 for the full if you join the team and complete your mail-in Columbus Marathon registration by September 10th. Contact us for complete instructions.

We’ll have another update on the fundraising efforts of Marathon for the Cure team members soon!