Nancy G. Brinker Comes to Columbus

Last Tuesday evening I was excited to be able to attend the reception with Ambassador Nancy G. Brinker, founder of Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Nancy has always been on my bucket list of people I would love to someday meet, so to say I was excited to finally meet her is a bit of an understatement. As Nancy’s sister, Susan G. Komen, was dying from breast cancer, Nancy promised that she’d do everything she could to end breast cancer, even if it took her entire life to make a difference. This promise has inspired millions of people around the globe to join in the fight against breast cancer—a feat that has saved millions of lives.

Ambassador Nancy G. Brinker

I have always admired Nancy’s drive, leadership and fierce dedication to a cause that has changed the future for many women -women just like me. Meeting such an inspiring figure in person was a great opportunity. But, more than anything, I was so glad that Nancy got to finally see what an amazing organization the Komen Columbus affiliate is and how incredible the people are who are part of it.

The highlight of the event on Tuesday, in my opinion, was when two very special Komen Columbus volunteers were honored. This past May, I had the privilege of working with Carole Morbitzer and Stan Mansfield, as well as many other fabulous volunteers, to help plan a record-breaking Komen Columbus Race for the Cure. As I looked down upon the sea of pinkness that was downtown Columbus, Ohio, on May 16, 2010, all I could keep thinking about was:  We did this. All of us-the staff and volunteers of Komen Columbus-we made this happen! And, when the news headlines came out saying this was the biggest race ever for Columbus, I was beyond happy-but, to be honest, it actually didn’t surprise me: We wouldn’t have it any other way.

The dedication and commitment of Komen Columbus’ Race Planning Committee-and of the hundreds of volunteers who turned out to help us #pinkitup on race day – actually blew my mind. Everyone worked tirelessly to make that event happen. The intense commitment made me so proud to be part of such a wonderful cause that has saved the lives of women across the world and continues to do so every day.

Ambassador Brinker with Promise of One award-winner Stan Mansfield, his family and friends.

Carole and Stan, like Nancy, are outstanding examples of how one single person can make such a huge difference-and every single person can learn a lot from them. The room was buzzing with excitement on Tuesday because people in Columbus truly care about supporting Komen in its mission to cure breast cancer forever. Even if Nancy was just in Columbus for a brief moment, it is my greatest hope that she recognized Komen Columbus’ exceptional dedication.

And I hope to see Nancy again at the 2011 Komen Columbus Race for the Cure—because, let’s face it, we’re just going to be breaking more records.

– Guest post by Hana Bieliauskas
Consultant, CMA Consulting
Co-Organizer, Pink It Up, Komen Columbus
Co-Organizer/Communications, LUNGevity Columbus


One thought on “Nancy G. Brinker Comes to Columbus

  1. This is for Nancy Brinker, I’ve been raising money for Susan G. Komen in my dance school for the last 6 years doing dance -a-thons. I was ready Nancy’s book and couldn’t believe the part about her sister saying she wanted to do a tea party where everyone dressed up in fancy hats and women and children came and to have fun and find out more about breast cancer. I have to to tell Nancy that I have accomplished her sister’s dream. The last 3 years at my school we have been hosting a huge tea party for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure. It has become a huge success. We have sold out 180 reservations the 1st year so the 2nd year and last year we had to give it 2 days. I really want to talk to Nancy and tell her all about it and show her pictures but I don’t know how to get in touch with her. Can you please help me or send her this e-mail. My e-mail is My cell is 215-718-9526. I’m a volunteer cooridnator for the Phila. Affiliate of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure as well. My mother is a breast cancer survivor. I really want to get in touch with Nancy. I’m sure she would be thrilled to hear about this tea party. In the last 3 years we raised $35,000 just from the tea parties and over $100,000 from the dance-a-thons and tea parties.
    Thank-you, Jane Lopoten
    You can see pictures on my website

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