A Time to be Thankful

Hard to believe it’s Thanksgiving already, but it’s here whether we’re ready for it or not. As we settle into our beautiful new office space and unpack every last box, we reflect on those in our community we’re most thankful for. Without a doubt, we would not be here without the incredible dedication of our volunteers, board members and fierce advocates and supporters.

It’s with the support of our generous donors, sponsors and fundraisers that in 2010, we provided $1.6 million in funding to our community health grantees who supplied the following:
-5,500 screening mammograms
-1,500 clinical breast exams
-50,000 educational materials
-4,000 women with individualized education
-More than 1,200 women with patient navigation

Here is a list of our 2009-2010 community health grantees who are helping to change the lives of men and women throughout Central and Southeastern Ohio. We wish every one of them, all of you and your families a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

Grantees at work in Central OhioACE That Mammogram: Reducing Issues Related to Access, Cost and Expertise
Organization: James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute
This grant seeks to offer digital mobile mammography, clinical breast exams and nurse navigation aboard the OSU Mobile Unit. The mobile services will target women in a variety of outlying areas and will coordinate and partner with other grant organizations to increase screening activity in underserved areas.

BEAP (Breast Education & Awareness Project)
Organization: Vinton County Health Department
The goal of this program is to educate underserved/low-income women regarding health issues, to raise breast cancer awareness and provide mammograms.

BEST (Breast Education & Screening Together)
Organization: American Cancer Society
The BEST Program for Women was developed and implemented in 1992 to provide screening mammograms and early breast cancer detection opportunities for low income, uninsured women.

BHESAW III  (Breast Health Education & Screening of Asian Women)
Organization: Asian Festival Corporation
This project targets Asian Women, using community health advocates to serve as community liaisons and interpreters during breast health education and mammograms.

Breast Cancer Education, Screening and Treatment Project
Organization: The Batelle Breast Care Center at Madison County Hospital c/o The Madison
The Breast Cancer Education, Screening and Treatment Project will offer under-insured women in Madison County awareness, education, clinical breast exams, mammograms and treatment assistance.

Breast Health for Uninsured People of Madison County
Organization: Madison County  Health Partners, Inc.
The Madison County Health Partners Free Clinic will provide mammograms and breast health education to uninsured women in Madison County.

Breast Health Project
Organization: Memorial Hospital Foundation (Marietta Memorial Hospital)
The Breast Health Project provides screening mammograms to uninsured women ages 40 and older in Appalachian Washington County.

BRIDGES on the PATH to Wellness
Organization: OhioHealth Foundation
The program will partner with community agencies to provide a continuum and expansion of post treatment services for breast cancer survivors with low-income and women from minority communities throughout central Ohio. This program will also try to reduce and remove obstacles that women with breast cancer encounter by providing women in need with vouchers for medications, transportation, gas cards and lodging during treatment and other supplies needed during and after treatment.

CARE (Cancer Action Recovery Education)
Organization: Berger Health Foundation
This grant will utilize a breast health nurse to offer breast health education, mammograms and further diagnostic screenings to underserved/low-income women.

Komen Columbus Board Member Connie Browning checks out "Sophie," the mammography machine for the Yes Mamm! program.

LifeCare Alliance’s Columbus Cancer Clinic Yes Mamm! Program
Organization: LifeCare Alliance
This program will provide 1,600 mammograms to women ages 40 and older or women with a family history of breast cancer with an emphasis on women who live in areas south of I-70 in Franklin County, are minority, and/or uninsured or under-insured.

Genesis Breast Health Initiative
Organization: Genesis HealthCare System
This program will provide breast health education and breast screening services to women in Morgan, Muskingum and Perry Counties, targeting women who do not have the funds to obtain annual breast mammography due to their uninsured or under-insured status.

Hands of Hope
Organization: Southern Ohio Medical Center
This program will educate women ages 40 and older living in Scioto, Pike and Lawrence counties about the importance of breast cancer early detection. The program will also provide screening mammograms to uninsured women 40 to 49 and will hire a nurse navigator to provide home visits to post mastectomy patients.

Healthy Adult Project: Breast Screening Program
Organization: Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine
This program will provide services on a fully-equipped mobile unit that travels throughout southeastern Ohio. The focus will be on women 40 and older, but the program is not limited to this age group.

Healthy Spirits, Healthy Bodies
Organization: The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center
In an effort to reduce the health disparity in breast cancer among African American women, this program aims to provide on-site mobile mammography screening services at local community churches and use culturally tailored information to educate African-American women about breast cancer prevention and early detection. The program will also be able to provide information on local resources where free or low-cost mammograms and support services can be obtained.

IMPEDE (Importance of Prevention and Early Detection)
Organization: Grady Memorial Hospital
The overall goal of the IMPEDE program is to educate women in Delaware County on the importance of prevention and early detection of breast cancer and support and assist women diagnosed with the disease.

Mother, Daughter, Sister and Friends Project
Organization: Knox Community Hospital
This grant will utilize a breast health nurse to offer breast health education, mammograms and further diagnostic screenings to underserved/low-income women.

The Columbus Cancer Clinic also provides wigs, hats and other items for women in need.

Never Too Young…Never Too Old
Organization: Shawnee State University, Development Foundation
This program will provide education and screening to underserved women through the use of a mobile unit and nursing students.

OhioHealth’s Breast Health Second Opinion Clinic
Organization: OhioHealth Foundation
This free weekly clinic provides women a second opinion on diagnosis and treatment. Uses a group of multi-specialty physicians and professions that meet with the patient to review her case.

OhioHealth’s Cancer Outreach Program
Organization: OhioHealth Foundation
This program will offer free breast cancer screenings (mammograms and breast health education) This system-based program will be targeting six geographic areas, many of which house minority populations. The OhioHealth Community Partnerships Department will specifically target individuals served through its current Wellness on Wheels Program; Metabolic Syndrome Screening Program; Church Outreach Program; and health fairs.  Interpretive services will be available.

The new OhioHealth, Limited Brands Foundation and Komen Columbus mobile mammography unit.

Operation Red Zone: Strengthening The Safety Net
Organization: Holzer Medical Center
The program will provide community-wide breast health education and risk assessment screenings for underserved women ages 50 and younger.

Pink Ribbon Initiative
Organization: King’s Daughters Medical Center Community Services
This program will provide screening mammography and education to underserved women with a specific plan for sending annual reminders.

Power Me Pink
Organization: Guernsey Health System: Southeastern Med
This program will educate underserved/low income women regarding health issues to raise breast cancer awareness as well as provide mammogram screenings for those who cannot afford to have them done. The project will empower women to take charge of their own health care by encouraging them to learn how to do self-breast exam and get screening mammogram.

Providing Preventative Mammography Health Education (PPMHE) to Somali Women
Organization: Mt. Carmel HealthSystem Foundation: Outreach Program
This program will utilize a nurse practitioner and culturally competent social worker to offer breast health education, clinical breast exams and mammograms to Somali women.

Proyecto Cancer de Seno en Latinas: The Latina Breast Cancer Project
Organization: Otterbein University, Health and Sports Sciences Department
This program will address the breast health needs of the Latino community by aiming to increase screenings by connecting Latina women to already existing screening services through community educational programs and through use of a hotline.

SASS (Services and Social Support for Breast Cancer)
Organization: Licking County Health Department; Public Health Partnership, Inc.
The Public Health Partnership of Licking County along with the Licking County Health Department will partner in a program to educate and create awareness on the affects of breast cancer to those Licking County residents who have been affected in any way by breast cancer.

Screening and Follow-Up Care
Organization: Mt. Carmel HealthSystem Foundation: Women’s Health Center
Screening mammograms save lives.
This program aims to address two barriers to mammograms for women—cost and access, as well as covering costs for certain follow-up treatments. Mammograms will be provided free of charge to 150 women by the Mount Carmel Mobile Mammography Coach, that will travel to designated underserved and uninsured populations in Central Ohio.

Survivor Arm Clinics for Lymphedema Prevention and Treatment
Organization: Mt. Carmel HealthSystem Foundation: Women’s Health Center
This grant seeks to offer breast cancer survivors options for finding help with diagnosing, treating and developing prevention strategies for lymphedema through the use of Survivor Arm Clinics and individualized assessment.

Komen Columbus grantees provide education to several minority groups.

The Black Bonnet Project
Organization: The Ohio State University
This program will provide breast health education and screening information, as well as clinical breast exams and free screening mammography to Amish women in Southeastern Ohio. The project will coordinate with local partners to provide culturally competent and sensitive education and patient referrals to women who belong to the local Amish community.

The Power of Pink
Organization: Memorial Hospital of Union County
This program will provide direct-care services including screening, diagnostic and breast ultrasounds for those residents of the Memorial Hospital of Union County service area who are uninsured or underinsured.  Also provides educational awareness and employee incentive programs.

Think Pink
Organization: Meigs County Cancer Initiative (MCCI)
The Think Pink Project for women ages 40 and older residing in Meigs County will enable the Meigs County Cancer Initiative to implement a community tailored approach to raise awareness and provide education about breast health as well as increase mammography screening rates among women in Meigs County.

Together We Can
Organization: Ross County Health District
This program will provide screening and education services to a rural, Appalachian population of women ages 40-64 who are at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty level and who are uninsured and residing in Gallia, Jackson, Lawrence, Pike, Ross, Scioto or Vinton counties.