A Reason to Fundraise

“As a woman and daughter of a breast cancer survivor, I feel that it is my job to do everything I can to help fight this terrible disease.  Since I am not a biologist, raising money for research is truly the next best thing.  Research is vital, and the only way we will one day find a cure,” Amy Lutz is passionate about raising awareness for breast cancer. So passionate that this will be her tenth year participating in a Race for the Cure.

Amy, second from the right in the second row, and her team at the 2010 Race.

Amy has formed a team to participate in the Race in the past couple of years, and enjoys participating alongside her friends and family – and coming up a with a creative team name and t-shirt design. This year’s name? LUTZ BE BREAST FRIENDS!

Last  year Amy raised $500 and used the Fundraise with Facebook application to help step up her efforts.

“Years ago, I would register, send out an e-mail to friends about my race, and then never raise any money.  Now, it’s easy as pie! I’m able to reach out to people I normally wouldn’t be able to,” Amy said. “It is the most incredible feeling when somebody donates that I have never even met.  It shows just how big of an impact the disease has on all of us.”

Amy has already raised $290 for this year’s Race, to be held on Saturday, May 14.

Amy with her mother and sister.

“I tell people, ‘every penny counts.’ And it’s true. These are hard economic times, and I get that, but think about what would happen if every single person donated just $5.”

Amy is passionate about helping to find a cure and will be participating this year in part to honor a woman who lost her battle to this disease.

“In 2007, my mother lost her best friend Suzanne to breast cancer.  Her youngest daughter Katie hadn’t even graduated from college.  It is for Suzanne, and so many other women (and men) out there that have lost their fight, that I race every year.”

Interested in getting involved? Register today or donate to Amy’s team, LUTZ BE BEST FRIENDS.

“I have never been a fast runner, but I guarantee on Race Day, I will be running my heart out for all of the fighters out there- those still with us, and those who have passed. Together, anything is possible.”