Marathon for the Cure Team Headed by Veteran Runner

Joseph Shearer has always been very involved in the running community, but when he realized he could use his talents to help a good cause, it was an opportunity he could not pass up. Joseph’s mother is currently battling her second bout with breast cancer, so it made perfect sense for him to join the Komen Columbus Marathon for the Cure team, participating in the Columbus Marathon on Sunday, October 16.

Joseph Shearer participating in a previous running event.

“I’m just a runner who loves his Mom and has compassion for people who suffer,” explains Joseph. “I have a talent that I’m aware of and I see it as my duty to use that talent to engage suffering.”

This year, as a veteran member of the team, Joseph is ramping up his preparation efforts. Not only is he training to participate individually, but also he has become very involved in organizing the team. To train, he packed his weekends with races leading up to the Columbus Marathon to gain more experience, typically running between 40 and 60 miles a week. He has also worked very hard at recruiting more people for the team as well as expanding the demographics of the team members. He also hopes to get the community more involved through various types of support and to have more creative fundraisers.

“Instead of the routine solicitation to friends and family, I have several ideas to host fundraising events like a themed poetry night at a local coffee shop, working events for some of our corporate sponsors and several other ventures that I think will be highly effective,” he says.

Members of the 2010 Marathon for the Cure team at the 2010 Columbus Marathon.

Joseph says that this year he is most looking forward to his mom coming to the event, with her knowing that he is running this 26.2 mile race in her honor, and to encourage and support her to continue fighting breast cancer.

Additionally, he is excited to see the outcome of all of his planning efforts.

“I look forward to seeing how so many people come together to make a significant impact in the lives of others,” Joseph says. “I think this year will be a humbling experience and it will be an honor to have been a part of it.”

Visit the team online for more information or to register for the Komen Columbus Marathon for the Cure team.