KYP Volunteers Encourage Networking, Outreach

To continue our series of spotlighting various Komen Young Professional (KYP) members, here’s a glimpse into what keeps our dedicated membership sub-committee co-chairs, Michelle Wong Halabi, Nicolette Jang and Heather Gilbert, going and busy recruiting new members.

Michelle decided to get involved with KYP because she wanted to be actively engaged with other Young Professionals in the community for a wonderful cause.

Nicolette and Michelle worked together at a volunteer fair last year.

Nicolette, who is just stepping down from her post of co-chair after nearly a year, got involved after watching a close family member battle the disease.

“Being a young professional with a desire to give back to my community, I searched for a group that enabled me to use both my professional and personal resources,” Nicolette said. “KYP was a perfect fit as an organization made up of young professionals who are passionate about finding a cure for breast cancer.”

Heather still remembers the feeling of walking in her first Race for the Cure when she was in high school. Since then, she has known too many women in her life that have been affected by breast cancer and that motivated her to join KYP and ensure young women and men are educated about the disease.

Together the co-chairs organize monthly meetings to discuss their ongoing goals of increasing membership numbers, finalizing branding materials, continuing to add members to KYP social networking sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), developing ongoing partnerships with other YP organizations, and continuing to organize member-raising activities.

Nicolette and Heather, along with KYP member Meg Lann, helped coordinate an event at Watershed Distillery this spring.

Michelle would encourage other young professionals to get involved if they’re interested in making an immediate and significant contribution.

“We have a variety of events and ways for people to be actively involved and we encourage everyone to bring their own unique talents and skills to make the most of their experience,” Michelle said. “There’s a place for every personality and level of commitment, from creative leaders to team players to occasional volunteers.”

Nicolette added that building networks and resources as young professionals is invaluable.

“Building an effective network of like-minded professionals who are dedicated and passionate about their communities and making a difference has far reaching benefits,” she said.

The next Membership committee meeting with Nicolette, Michelle and Heather will be Tuesday, August 9, 6:00 pm, location TBD. If you’re interested in attending, email for more information.