KYP Volunteers Inspire, Educate and Plan Events

To add to our series on the dedicated members of our Komen Young Professionals committee, we’d like to now spotlight two members of our events and fundraising sub-committee, who work year-round organizing a variety of educational, social and fundraising events that engage and involve both the community and KYP members.

KYP Member Megan Couling met Nancy G. Brinker
Megan Couling (center,) and her mother met founder Nancy G. Brinker last October.

Jaclyn Lipp and Megan Couling work together to organize these events along with creating opportunities for collaboration with other young professional organizations in Columbus.

“Breast cancer is not normally a concern for our peers, so spreading knowledge about early detection and prevention to other young professionals is important,” Megan said.

Members of this committee have been working to educate and entertain the community for nearly two years and are currently busy planning KYP’s Second Anniversary Event in October. Save the date for Wednesday, October 12, and like our Facebook page to stay up-to-date on all the exciting details.

When Jaclyn and Megan work together to coordinate events, they often keep in mind why new members would want to attend and get involved.

KYP Volunteers
Jaclyn Smith, right, and KYP Secretary Katie Persico attended the KYP Second Quarter Meeting in June.

Jaclyn decided to get involved after meeting members of the committee at a volunteer fair and getting to know some of the members.

Megan interned at Komen Columbus during her undergraduate years at Ohio State and wanted to remain close to the organization as her mom is a two-time breast cancer survivor.

“The KYP Committee is a wonderful way to volunteer for the fight against breast cancer while making new friends, networking with other young professionals in Columbus and learning about breast health,” Megan said.

Jaclyn and Megan meet with their committee the second Monday of every month. This month’s meeting will be on Monday, August 8. If you’re interested in attending or learning more about KYP, please email