Grantee Spotlight: A Promise to Keep

We like to share information about many of the programs your Race dollars and donations directly impact, and this time we’re featuring “A Promise to Keep,” a program run by the Adena Health Foundation in Southern Ohio that provides screening mammograms, diagnostic mammograms, breast ultrasounds, breast surgical consultation and breast biopsies. These services are available for women 40-years-or-older, women under age 40 with breast abnormalities or an increased risk for breast cancer and the under- or uninsured. All participants must be enrolled by a program Coordinator.

The Komen Columbus service area, inlcuding those counties served by A Promise to Keep.

The coordinators and others working at Adena are committed to decreasing breast cancer deaths and increasing early detection, especially among the working poor in Southern Ohio. This area is of particular concern for our affiliate, as seven counties within the service area do not have a hospital and five do not have screening mammography within county lines. Lawrence County, which ranks highest in mortality in the state, does not have any breast health services beyond medical providers who can provide clinical breast exams to women with insurance and a local health department that can refer women to services when accessed.

“This grant  [from Komen Columbus] makes it possible to begin the process,” said Robin Primer, Navigator Support Technician with Adena Cancer Center.

The program serves those in Pike, Ross, Jackson, Fayette, Vinton, Hocking, Lawrence, Scioto and Pickaway counties, but has helped women in other counties.

Director of Community Outreach Megan Savage, second from the left, visits with coordinators from the Promise to Keep program.

“We had a lady call to schedule her mammogram. She qualified for our grant, with one exception. Our grant did not cover the county she lived in,” Robin said. “With the help of Komen Columbus, we were able to cover her mammogram through our grant. She was very thankful and touched by our services.”

Robin and her team work hard to ensure those in their area take advantage of their vital breast health programs. To see if you qualify for their services, call 740-779-7528.

The staff that works on the Promise to Keep grant program was also recently selected for a poster presentation at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium in December and will highlight the success of their multi-disciplinary cancer care in a rural hospital setting. Keep up the good work!

“A Promise to Keep” and other projects like this are made possible by your donations – 75 percent of every donation we receive supports local programming and the remaining 25 percent funds scientific research to find the cures.