Faith in Pink

Faith in Pink is a grassroots effort between Komen Columbus and local places of worship to educate the members of their respective congregations on breast health and breast cancer. Komen Columbus will provide breast health information packets to each participating congregation. The program is easily tailored to your individual needs and can include everything from a short informational message (script provided), to an educational table before/after service(s). If you would like to request educational materials for up to 100 people for a Faith In Pink program at your church, temple or other faith-based organization, please complete this short survey or contact us.

Sandy's Pastor sporting his pink shawl

Sandy Troutman, a member of the Prayer Shawl Ministry at the Lord of Life Lutheran Church in Columbus, has been busy with her group creating pink prayer shawls to be given out the first week in November in observance of Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Sandy first got her group involved in the fight against breast cancer two years ago when she heard about the Faith in Pink program.

“It created a lot of interest not only in our ministry, but also breast cancer awareness as well,” Sandy said.

Sandy creates a display at her church during the month of October, which includes the shawls, pink goodies and educational materials. Sandy’s group has also created pins that they will sell for a donation for Komen Columbus. Many of the shawls are then donated to cancer hospitals or Hospices.

This year’s celebration of Faith in Pink at Sandy’s church was on Sunday, October 23. There were three services and ministers blessed the shawls during one of the services.

“We have been touched many times by cancer, including our pastor’s wife who is a 12-year survivor. Our pastor was very pleased and actually wants us to decorate the prayer chapel each October and we will make it a month-long observance.”

If you’re interested in organizing a Faith in Pink program, contact us.