Redeem Those Pink Lids from Yoplait

Have you been stocking up on Yoplait’s Pink Lids throughout the fall? Each lid will turn into 10 cents for our affiliate that will help fund vital breast health education, screening

These kids love Yoplait yogurt!

and treatment programs in Central and Southeastern Ohio. If you have a stack of lids in your office or around your house, the time to redeem them is now! Enter the code included on the lid online, or mail them in by December 31.

If you’re mailing:

1. Make sure all your lids are the pink ones we’ve issued for the Save Lids to Save Lives® program.

2. Wash your lids well and let them dry.

3. Flatten your lids and put them in a regular envelope. You don’t need any kind of special mailer.

4. Be sure to put your return address on your envelope, including your Zip code. We use that information to distribute a share of our donation money back to your local Susan G. Komen for the Cure® Affiliates.

5. Apply your postage. You can mail up to 12 Yoplait® yogurt cup lids in a regular-sized envelope with one First Class U.S. postage stamp.

6. Address your envelope to:
Save Lids to Save Lives®
P.O. Box 9656
Grand Rapids, MN 55745-9656

7. Drop it in a mailbox.

Thanks for your support and we hope you enjoyed all the yogurt!