20 Faces of Komen Columbus: Week Two

Since this May 19, 2012 will be the 20th Annual Komen Columbus Race for the Cure, for the next 20 weeks we’re going to spotlight 20 individuals who have participated in the Race throughout the years. They come from all walks of life and may be survivors, volunteers, grantees, sponsors or advocates, but they’re all committed to the fight against breast cancer.

Week Two: The One Who Inspires Others

Wanda, center, at the 2010 Race for the Cure

Wanda Brown looks forward to the Race every year because as she says, “it’s one more year that I’m here. One more year that I can take part of this walk because I’m not a statistic.”

Wanda’s first Race for the Cure was in 2006. This came shortly after her diagnosis of Triple Negative Breast Cancer in 2004, a basal-like breast cancer that affects 15-20% of all breast cancers in the U.S. Anyone can get triple negative breast cancer, but it more frequently affects younger women, African American women, Hispanic women and women who have the BRCA1 mutations. This type of breast cancer is often aggressive, and tends to grow faster and is less likely to be seen on an annual mammogram.

With fellow survivors at the 2007 Race.

For that first Race in 2006, Wanda walked with her children and still remembers the feeling of love and support that was in the air. Since then, she has encouraged many others to walk the Race with her, including her best friend who walked in 2007 and then passed away from breast cancer in 2008.

Wanda encourages others to walk with her to see all the survivors, especially those in the African American community.

“Breast cancer is not really talked about in our community, so it can be really shocking to see how many survivors are among us,” Wanda said. “Hearing you have breast cancer does not mean you have a death sentence. If you catch it early and do what you’re supposed to do, you have a good chance of surviving.”

Wanda with the Sisters Network at the 2009 Race.

To encourage early detection, Wanda started the “Sisters Network Columbus OH,” a group that works to increase breast cancer awareness and education among African American women. Every year Wanda and her volunteers organize a “Gift for Life Block Walk,” where volunteers (Young Women of Excellence, YWE), who are in Grades 7-12, walk door-to-door and talk to women about breast health, how to do self-exams and where they can get mammograms.

“These young girls (YWE) are learning about their breast health and can grow up knowing breast self-exams can be as routine as brushing your teeth,” Wanda said.

Wanda is looking forward to taking part in the 2012 Komen Columbus Race for the Cure alongside her family and many of those from her Sisters Network Columbus OH. Join Wanda and register today.







2 thoughts on “20 Faces of Komen Columbus: Week Two

  1. Thank you Wanda for all of the hard work that you are doing to help the community to understand about breast cancer. Your work is an inspiration to us all and you exemplify Gods word Matthew 28:19a
    Go ye therefore, and teach all nations. Teaching His people about the impact of Breast Cancer.

  2. I just want to say that I am so proud of my niece Wanda Brown. She has always been a fighter and for that I am blessed because she doesn’t sit and have pity parties she rises to every occasion and gets her strength from God. She is my niece and I will love her forever but most of all she is my inspiration to never give up or fall no matter what obstacle comes my way. Love u

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