Fundraising Challenge Winner: Holly Rhinehart

Congrats to Holly Rhinehart for winning our first fundraising challenge! We appreciate her support and the fact that Holly has been involved with the Race for the Cure for the past ten years.

“I decided to get involved this year because I want to help stop breast cancer, simple as that,” Holly said. “I know many women who are cancer survivors, and a few who didn’t survive.  They are no different than you or I, and so far, I’ve just been lucky and they weren’t. I want all the women (and men) who have suffered with cancer to know people are out there fighting for them.”

Holly has worked hard to raise awareness about breast cancer and has already raised $170.

“Many people are shy about asking, (as am I), but I’ve found for the most part, people WANT to give.  One just has to get over that shyness and simply ask.”

Thanks to Holly for getting involved and going the EXTRA MILE!

Want to have a chance at a $100 gift card from Easton Town Center? Whether you have raised $10, $50 or $500, raise an additional $150 by Thursday and you’ll be entered into win!