Survivor Inspires Company, Kicks off the Race

Guest Post by: Bethany Bebech

For Maureen Iosue, this year’s Race for the Cure is not only a celebration of 20 years of Komen Columbus or raising funds and awareness for the fight against breast cancer, but her 4 year anniversary of being declared cancer-free.

Moe runs with her children and co-workers at Anchor Hocking in the 2010 Komen Columbus Race for the Cure.

Moe’s first Race for the Cure was in 2000, she was pregnant with her son Dominic (though she didn’t know it yet) and her twin daughters Gabby and Lauren and her husband Al were at the finish line cheering her on as she finished. Despite everything, she has not missed a Race in the last 12 years since that first one.“I just knew I had to be a part of this incredible energy in downtown Columbus on Race Day,” said Moe. “I saw too many of my friends’ moms being affected by this disease & I knew Komen Columbus was on the right path to finding a cure for breast cancer.”At 39 years old, Moe was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has been cancer-free for the last 4 years, receiving the great news of clear margins the day before the Race in 2008.

For Moe, participating in the Race as a survivor is an incredible mix of emotions. She said, “I’m always excited to celebrate another year of being cancer-free on Race day, but it also makes me sad to read the backs of people’s shirts & see all the mothers, wives, sisters, friends, neighbors, co-workers that have lost the fight. There is no other place I would rather be.” Every year is more important than the last because there still is no cure. Participating is personal for her, she feels like she is one of the lucky ones.

Moe’s first Race as a survivor. Here she is surrounded by her friends from Anchor Hocking

Moe is an employee at Anchor Hocking, the finish line sponsor of the 2012 Race for the Cure.  “I feel grateful & lucky to work for a company that has supported me through the whole race” said Iosue.  “Anchor supported me when I was diagnosed (the start of my race)…thru my surgeries & treatments (the tough part of the race)…& they are there again during my survivorship when I cross that finish line. All I can say is I feel a deep sense of gratitude.”Also, Moe will have the honor of driving this year’s Ford Pace Car at the Race for the Cure. Riding along with her will be her daughters Lauren (age 13) and Sophia (age 8) and her son Dominic (age 11)—the decision was tough since there are 6 members of the Iosue family, but her daughter Gabby (age 13) and husband Al will still be cheering them on!

“I’m honored to be able to represent survivors just like me – everyday moms who were directly affected by breast cancer.”

Hear Moe talk about her journey with breast cancer and how she is using her experience to empower other women to take control of their breast health.

Look for Moe and her family in the Ford Pace Car at the beginning of this year’s Race for the Cure—there’s still time to join us by registering at one of our mall registration sites!

The Iosue family