Join the Komen Columbus Marathon for the Cure Team and Make Every Mile Count

When Suzanne Coates Brown laces up her running shoes, she runs for her mother – an 11-year breast cancer survivor.  Her mother’s diagnosis in April 2001 made Suzanne realize that she and her sister now have a 1 in 4 chance of developing the disease. After meeting with her doctor Suzanne knew she could not control whether or not she was diagnosed, but she could control taking care of her body and getting healthy and strong. Running was her escape and a way to empower her to join the fight to end breast cancer forever.

Suzanne will admit that when she started running, she was a fish out of water.

Suzanne running in the 2011 Wendy’s Duathlon

“My trainer started me on a program where soon I was running around the block, then over time I was able to run a mile, then two miles,” said Brown.

After two years of running and slowly building up her confidence and stamina, she told her husband that if she could run on the treadmill for 7 miles by New Year’s, her resolution that year would be to run a half marathon. That next year, she ran her first half-marathon in the 2008 Columbus Marathon and that’s when things took off.

To date, Suzanne has run three half-marathons and two full marathons. She is currently training to run the New York City Marathon for the second time on November 4th.

While her running helps her maintain a strong and healthy body, Suzanne wanted to turn her love of running into a way to help advocate early detection and help Komen Columbus raise money. This year, she is doing just that by heading up the Komen Columbus Marathon for the Cure (MFTC) team that is taking part in the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Marathon in Columbus on Sunday, October 21.

“I am running the half-marathon this year to help me train for my full marathon in New York on Nov. 4th,” said Brown, who encourages others to join her on the Komen Columbus MFTC team, “Running either a half or the full marathon with our team is a great opportunity to not only accomplish an amazing personal goal, but to also raise money for a great cause while doing it.  It makes that personal achievement that much sweeter.”

As a busy working mom, Suzanne knows how hard it is to fit running into her schedule, but when she remember why she laces up and hits the pavement, her determination to stay healthy and to help find cures for breast cancer powers her through those long runs.

This is the third year the Komen Columbus Marathon for the Cure team is revving up to take part in the event. Last year, 66 people registered for the full and half-marathon as part of the MFTC team, with 39 people participating in the half marathon and 27 going the full 26.6 miles. The MFTC raised nearly $18,000 and Suzanne strongly believes this year’s team can go above and beyond last year’s goals.

If running seems a bit daunting, you can train to walk the half or full marathon.

Suzanne looking very happy during the 2010 Columbus Half Marathon

“You just have to believe that you can do it… I was very intimidated the first time I ran a half and a full marathon and I was convinced I’d come in last!  But you’d be surprised how many others are just like you out there.  And finishing is an awesome feeling!” said Brown.

Join Suzanne today on the Komen Columbus Marathon for the Cure team and walk or run in the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Marathon on Sunday, October 21.

Register by following these three steps:
1. Register for the Komen Columbus Marathon for the Cure team for only $25 here.
2. Register here for the Columbus Marathon using the discount code: GR12-KOMEN. (The discount code will register you at the rate of $60 for the half marathon and $75 for the full marathon.)
3. Start training and get busy fundraising to really make an impact on your community.

There is no minimum amount required to fundraise as part of the team, but 75% of every dollar raised will support breast health education, screening and treatment services right here in Central and Southeastern Ohio. Wondering what types of programs you could support? Read about the community health programs providing vital breast health services right here in our community. Start fundraising and help support these important projects.

We’re working on lots of fun ideas for the team this year, so stay up-to-date on all the latest prizes, raffles and gatherings by liking us on Facebook.


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