Your Dollars, Making an Impact: A Promise to Keep

Ever wonder how your donation dollars help? Where does the money go and who does it directly help? Komen Columbus has a proud tradition of partnering with many organizations to help men and women who are underserved and uninsured in our 30-county service area. This year alone, we granted nearly $2 million to support 34 programs in Central and Southeastern Ohio communities. This milestone moment would not be possible without the generosity of our sponsors, Race participants and all those people who give to Komen Columbus. For the next 20 weeks, we will feature our grantees so you can see and read how your dollars are making an impact.

Robin Primer knows what it’s like to hear a doctor say, “you have breast cancer.” As a 6 ½-year survivor, she recalls those first moments after hearing her diagnosis and the feelings of uncertainty that washed over her.

“You get so overwhelmed and you only hear part of what you are being told,” said Robin.

With the help of her Adena Health System patient navigator, Robin went through her initial diagnosis, treatment and recovery. She says her navigator was her life line who offered comfort and friendship during a very complicated time in her life.

As a way to give back, Robin is currently a navigator support technician at Adena Health Foundation, offering help and comfort to those going through breast cancer treatment and those who have been recently diagnosed.

“I know how it feels to be on the other side. It can be scary and I want to help others just like I was helped,” said Robin, who adds that she is still friends with her navigator. “Every time I see her, I just hug her.”

Adena Health Foundation is committed to decreasing breast cancer deaths and increasing early detection, especially among women and men in Fayette, Hocking, Jackson, Lawrence, Pickaway, Ross, Scioto and Vinton counties.

Within with the Adena Health Foundation, a Komen Columbus grantee program called “A Promise to Keep” provides free mammogram screenings for eligible women and men and keeps its mission, “to heal, educate and care,” in mind. Patients eligible for the program could be 40-years or older, under 40 with breast abnormalities, have an increased risk for breast cancer, or be without insurance or underinsured. The program also offers free wigs, mastectomy bras and prosthesis for eligible patients.

The program is dedicated to providing assistance not only for screening, but also for additional expenses that may arise related to findings during the screening process. Funding by Komen Columbus allows A Promise to Keep to ensure much-needed access to treatment and support services for breast cancer like breast health education, screening and diagnostic services to women and men within rural, southern Ohio counties.

“Without funding provided by Komen Columbus, this [program] would not be possible. It provides patients with an opportunity to get the mammograms they normally would not be able to receive,” said Robin.

“Many of our recipients have lost health insurance, therefore cannot afford to see a doctor, let alone get a mammogram. In many cases the grant is the sole means for them to receive screenings. People are grateful as well as relieved to have these services provided. Most importantly they have peace of mind.”

And as Robin knows all too well, peace of mind is important when it comes to healing. Because of Komen’s funding of A Promise to Keep, women in Southeastern Ohio who are diagnosed with breast cancer can look ahead with hope to their futures.

Robin sees the needs in her community and says those who are helped through the program are grateful to those who support Komen Columbus.

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