Meet the Staff at Komen Columbus: Cindy Mansfield

What events/people or experiences led you here to Komen Columbus?
In 2004 my sister-in-law was on the Board and asked if my husband and I would like to volunteer. We helped at the Race that year and have been involved ever since. When I was diagnosed with Stage II Breast Cancer in 2006 my participation took on a whole new meaning. Finding a cure is Komen’s mission and my mission.

What do you do for Komen Columbus? How does your role help with Komen’s mission?
I am the Finance Coordinator. That makes me the steward of every dollar that comes to our office – a responsibility that I take very seriously. I make sure that all donations are processed quickly and accurately, and that our funds are available to pay for education, screenings, and treatment, as well as groundbreaking research.

What (or whom) inspires you come to work every day?
I have three daughters, three granddaughters, a sister, and three nieces. I’m a breast cancer survivor and I don’t want them to ever have to go through what I did. Also my husband, he has been there for me every step of the way.

What is the most memorable moment or event you’ve experienced with Komen Columbus? And why?
There have been so many! One that always stands out in my mind is the first race that I volunteered for. It rained hard and it was so cold that by the end of the morning I was miserable. I walked past a little girl about twelve with a race shirt on, and on the back of her shirt it said “In memory of my mom Kathy”. In that moment I knew how important Komen’s mission was, and that I wanted to continue to help. Also on race day this year a participant asked us to videotape her before the race, and in the video she fought back tears as she told her sister she was racing for her and promised that she wouldn’t quit until a cure was found. Her sister had passed away from breast cancer a few days before. It was amazing to see and I will never forget her.

Cindy and her family attend the 2011 Komen Columbus Race for the Cure

When you’re not working, what do you like to do?I love to be with my grandkids. I have five – ages 7 to 21 months and they light up my world! I also love to be outside, working in the garden or playing with my dogs.

What’s your favorite quote? Why does this quote “speak” to you?
“We cannot all do great things, but we can do small things with great love.”  – Mother Teresa. I think we get so caught up in doing the big stuff that we forget what a difference the little things make. And someday all the little things we do may end up being part of the big thing. Sometimes when we receive a donation – maybe it’s one dollar or twenty dollars, I’ll hold it in my hand an think ‘this could be the dollar that funds the research that finds the cure.’ Every donation brings us closer to the cure for breast cancer. That’s pretty awesome!

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  1. Nice to see you get this recognition, Cindy! Happy for you – and inspired by your (and Stan’s) commitment! See you at the race meeting in a couple of weeks. MB

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