January Volunteer of the Month: Molly Osmon

Molly OsmonWhen you meet Molly Osmon, you quickly observe that she is a very passionate person who is goal driven and has a gift for the written word.

“Molly started volunteering with Komen Columbus less than a year ago and she has made a tremendous impression on me,” wrote Nicolle Racey, Director of Communications,  in her nomination of Molly, “she jumped right in and started writing blogs which featured our grantees.”

Born in the deep South, Molly is a Buckeye alum and volunteers her time with other non-profits including but not limited to  Big Brothers, Big Sisters and Columbus Gives Back.

“I’m looking forward to seeing what Molly will bring to the table in 2013,” said Nicolle.

Learn more about Molly and why she enjoys volunteering with Komen Columbus.

What (or whom) inspired you to get involved with Komen Columbus?
I have always been inspired by Komen and the work it does. As a woman, I wanted to get involved with an organization that empowers women (and men) and allows them to reclaim their lives and their health.

What’s your favorite part about volunteering with Komen Columbus?
I love being a part of something that is much greater than me. Komen touches the lives of millions of people. That is incredible. I enjoy being able to contribute, in some small way, to the big impact this organization is able to make.

What is the most memorable moment or event you’ve experienced with Komen Columbus? And why?
Last year I volunteered at the race alongside a woman who was ten years in remission. Hearing her story was inspiring, to say the least. At the end of the day as I was leaving she told me, “Thank you for volunteering. It’s young people like you that really make all the difference.”

When you’re not volunteering for Komen Columbus, what do you like to do?
I love the City of Columbus, and am passionate about improving my community. So, when I’m not working or volunteering with other local non-profits, you can find me soaking up the local city scene, playing a pick-up game of basketball, writing or spending time with friends.