Team Spotlight: Save the Mommies

In 2012, we were thrilled to welcome nearly 44,000 people to downtown Columbus for the annual Race for the Cure. Many of those participants were at the Race as part of a team, and in fact there were nearly 1,000 teams flooding the streets that day. Race participants often come together to celebrate or honor someone who has been affected by breast cancer. As we get closer to the Race for the Cure on May 18, we’re going to share with you stories of just some of the teams that will be participating on Race day. Now we proudly introduce you to…team Save the Mommies.

Save the Mommies in 2012.
Save the Mommies in 2012.


Team captain Jennifer Wente-Moeller has a very personal stake in the Race every year, and she explains in her own words below, what motivates her team.

“We started a team after losing my sister Shel to breast cancer in 2010, just 2 months after her 40th birthday.  She left behind 3 young boys and a loving husband.  She was determined to be BRCA-1 positive.  After testing our entire family, my mom, me, my older sister, my mom’s sister and her 2 daughters all tested positive.  My younger sister was the ONLY one who didn’t test positive.  My sister and I had hysterectomies and bilateral mastectomies to reduce our risk.  One of my cousins did the same. Both of my cousins have daughters who will someday face the same testing and choices if things don’t change.

Jennifer's sister, Shel.
Jennifer’s sister, Shel.

We chose our team name as a play on the popular bumper sticker “save the ta-ta’s”.  When my sister was sick, I used to see it and think “Forget the ta-ta’s, save the MOMMIES”.  After all, as we say in my family, they make new ones!

Save the Mommies in 2011

Every year after the race, my remaining 2 sisters and I have a girl’s night and stay downtown.  It is a special day for us, always filled with laughter and tears.  Last year we happily added my sister Shel’s best friend to our team.  We are very proud of the money we have raised so far, and we will keep doing the race until there is a cure.”

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