Team Spotlight: Sunny 95 “For Our Daugthers”

We are truly fortunate to live in such a giving community. We have many corporate partners that understand the importance and urgency of our mission: to save lies and end breast cancer forever. One of our long-time partners, Sunny 95, is rallying a team together this year for the first time. Morning DJ, Stacy McKay, is heading up the team because she wants to leave the world a better place for her Imagedaughter and for everyone’s daughters, sons, etc. Stacy shares why she enjoys participating in the annual event. Introducing Sunny 95’s team, “For our Daughters.”

“I’ve been involved with the Race for the Cure for many years and Sunny 95 has been a long-time partner with Komen Columbus. I love seeing people, friends, and family on Race day wearing their team shirt and learning what’s inspiring them to be at the Race. When I became a mom, my focus changed. I began to ponder the world I want to leave for my daughter; I want her to live in a world where she doesn’t lose her loved ones. This is the very spirit of the Sunny 95 team, “For Our Daughters.”

You can’t really bottle up the range of emotions you feel during the Race for the Cure. Seeing the sea of pink downtown Columbus on a beautiful spring day in May, it’s magical. You cannot leave the Race without feeling encouraged, or inspired. It’s touching to witness a survivor cross the finish line and see their family and friends cheering them on. No one really knows the personal struggle they faced or are facing but we can all join in celebrating that achievement. You see people walking with signs on their backs and you know they are participating in memory of a loved one they lost to this disease – you understand the urgency to find a cure for breast cancer.

This year, we want to invite our listeners to walk with us and make an impact. This disease has touched so many lives and we need to do our part to be part of the solution, to help find a cure.  This fight is important as a woman but it’s a personal fight for all of us. Let’s make a difference and work toward a cancer-free world for our daughters.
This is such an important cause why not take a few steps to make an impact. We invite everyone to take that step with us.”

To support or join the Sunny 95 team, click here.