Strengthen your Body and Mind

20131008_180540For the past two Tuesday evenings, dozens of men and women have descended upon the Columbus Commons with their fitness mats, work-out gear and water bottles to sweat – all for a good cause!

The System of Strength fitness studio is behind these classes, as well as the next two that will occur on Tuesday, October 22 and October 29, both at 6 pm. The classes are $15 each and after just 18 people register for each class, 100% of the proceeds will support Komen Columbus. To register for the classes online, click the “Classes” drop-down menu and search for Komen-Columbus Commons.

“High and Tight” will be taught on Tuesday, October 22nd, and this class creates serious definition for your body. Instructors focus on the often neglected smaller muscle groups, or “nooks and crannies.” If you are looking to tighten, tone and cinch your body, this is your class. Instructors use high repetitions and unique moves to burn and lean your muscles, placing them high and making them tight. This class is low impact with high body impact.

“Flex and Flow” will take place on Tuesday, October 29th and focuses on stretching and strengthening your muscles all in one hour. The class has a quiet, intense energy. The instructors weave stretching moves between strengthening your muscles. You leave feeling relaxed, long, land lean.

Lexi Broderick, a frequent SOS class attendee, was at the Commons for the first two classes for a few reasons.Camera 360

“First and most importantly, supporting Komen and promoting breast cancer awareness. Contributing to a cause to help diminish this disease and assisting in finding a cure to prevent millions of women from suffering the hardships of cancer is the least I can do! Secondly, I’ve been a member of SOS since early 2013, and I’ve never seen such incredible changes in myself. Not just in my physical strength, but also in mental strength. The workouts are challenging without being intimidating. Beginners can easily modify any portion of the workout and still go home with the rewarding sense of accomplishment knowing they’ve really pushed themselves.”

Fellow attendee Garra Liming agreed and added, “each SOS class is unique in that we are always doing something new. Your body never adapts or plateaus. The instructors push you past your level of comfort so you start to see results. However, each class can be for a beginner or for the most advanced. We all know someone that is battling cancer, survived cancer, or lost their battle with cancer. Why not give $15 and get an awesome workout knowing your money is going to research. You won’t be disappointed!”

Join Lexi, Garra and others for the next two classes offered by SOS. Registration is available here.