Lessons Learned

Guest blogger: Tracy Townsend

familyOctober 2010 will forever be a turning point for me as it is when I had my first irregular mammogram.  At the age of 35 when I’d had a baseline screening, I was diligent in scheduling and getting in for my yearly mammogram.  In October of 2010, I was oh-so-close to rescheduling my mammogram for no other reason than the “busyness” of family activities, volunteer work and my job.  Fortunately I never got around to rescheduling and went in, as scheduled, for the mammogram, only to learn the following week there was an issue.

The official diagnosis came a two weeks later in November.  It was non-invasive DCIS and very early.  After the initial shock and the tears, I’d come to understand this as a clear testament to the promise of early detection, regular screenings, and most importantly to me, God’s favor.  I got right down to the business of surviving and subscribe the line of thinking that you become a “Survivor” the moment you’re diagnosed.   Next month—November 2013, I am claiming three years of Survivorship.

Tracy and some members of her No Trace of Fear team during the 2013 Race for the Cure
Tracy and some members of her No Trace of Fear team during the 2013 Race for the Cure

There are so many lessons I’ve learned along this journey.  First and foremost, I have to make myself and my health a priority.   My incredible husband and our amazing son depend on this.  We have all come to embrace a ‘no procrastination’ policy. I cannot imagine how different things would’ve been had I put off that mammogram. My knowledge and acceptance of true friendship has grown. Truly some people are in our lives for a reason and/or a season.  I am eternally grateful for the circle of women and men, who stood with me through diagnosis, surgery, recovery, and now in efforts to raise awareness and critical funds for research and a cure. When I’ve considered how everything has come to pass, my faith in God has been confirmed. Survivorship for me means sharing the importance of mammography, fitness and health.


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  1. I am so happy for you Tracy being able to get your life saved to be able to be around for your son and husband for years to come.

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