Why I Race: Erin Nusbaum

A group of  neighbors rally together to help their friend, Lora Moore, in her battle with breast cancer. Seeing Lora go through her treatment and recovery motivated this tight knit group of friends to form a team, Lora’s Lineup.  Team captain, Erin Nausbaum, shares  with us why participating in the Komen Columbus Race for the Cure and fundraising  are important to her. Here’s what she had to say…

(L-R) Erin Nausbaum, Julie Dials, Lora Moore, Kylene Swonguer, Lynnly McLaughlin
(L-R) Erin Nausbaum, Julie Dials, Lora Moore, Kylene Swonguer, Lynnly McLaughlin

“I live in a small development called Wellington Glen in Gahanna. When my husband and I moved in around 6 years ago, we met several young couples, like ourselves. We are all now best friends and are raising our children together – last year alone, six babies were born in Wellington Glen!

Andy and Lora Moore, who are part of our tight-knit group, have three young boys; Berkley, Max, and Hudson. Shortly after Hudson was born, Lora felt a lump and had what initially was believed to be mastitis. After a series of unsuccessful treatments, her doctor recommended that she have a mammogram. Just one week later, in September of 2013, she was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer.

I’m a professional photographer and she sent me a text: “I was diagnosed with breast cancer and would like you to take some family pictures of us before my hair falls out.”

I couldn’t breathe. I was in shock. Was this real? Not our Lora?! She is only 36. I simply stared at my phone. I couldn’t say or type anything. The tears started to pour, and I am certain that I cried all day long.

That evening, I walked to Lora’s home for a visit. I knew I had to see her; she had to know we were all here for her every step of the way. Andy was outside playing with the boys. I just hugged him and insisted we would get through this. Lora joined us on the lawn, and we just hugged. She cried; I stood strong. Soon, in true Wellington Glen style, we were joined by several other neighbors. There we were, all of us together. We talked through the night, a huge range of emotions flowing back and forth. Lora knew she was not going to be alone in this fight.

The Moore family is amazing. That’s the only way to put it, amazing. And Lora is an amazing woman! She is a working mother of these three young boys, a wonderful wife, and has just an incredible personality and outlook on life. She has a heavy workload, especially in her battle with cancer, which no one should have to do at her age. But if this is God’s will, then so be it. Lora was chosen to take on this fight for a reason. She can do it, she will do it. And we are all rallying behind her.

The Race for the Cure symbolizes to me a strong fellowship in the fight against breast cancer.

Knowing I had been touched by breast cancer several years ago when my beloved grandmother passed away, it was an easy decision when a friend encouraged me to join a team approximately 5 years ago. I will never forget my first race. I couldn’t believe my eyes; all the people! Everyone there for the same reason, everyone was so happy! I loved the personalized bibs: “I walk for ______”. Surrounded by smiling faces, this race is beyond an amazing experience. The feeling of support is overwhelming.

This year, in support of Lora, I was compelled to form a team, Lora’s Lineup. While many of the team members will be the neighborhood “family,” I know Lora has friends and family members outside of the Wellington Glen community that will want to participate in support of her.

So many people have already given Lora and her family so much- prayers, meals, practical support and friendship. Now, I ask that you join my team, Lora’s Lineup, and walk on Saturday, May 17th with all of us in support of Lora and her amazing family. Or, if you cannot join us on Race Day, please make a donation to them team to show your support.

Together, we are fueling the best science, boldest community and biggest impact in the fight against breast cancer. We will not stop until this disease is gone forever. That’s my promise to Lora! And that is why I Race.”

Join or donate to Lora’s LineupRegister for the Komen Columbus Race for the Cure today!

~Erin Nusbaum