Meet our 2014 Spring Interns

It’s time to welcome the Spring 2014 interns! We are fortunate to have students dedicate their time and talents to help us with our mission. Meet our fabulous interns below.

Claire Adams
Claire Adams

Meet Clarie

Hello! My name is Claire Adams, and I am from Avon, OH. I’m excited to be part of the Komen Mission team! I will be the Community Profile intern this semester.

Major and School: Public Health, The Ohio State University

Knitting/crocheting, quilting, reading, baking

Reason for Interning at Komen Columbus: I am working to complete my Master of Public Health Practicum this semester. Komen offered me a wonderful opportunity to complete this requirement in an area that I am passionate about.

Post Graduation Plans: I am hoping  to work in reproductive health education/program planning!

Adam Bartley
Adam Bartley

Meet Adam

Hi, I’m Adam Bartley. I am from North Canton, Ohio and I’m excited to be helping out as an intern this semester.

Major and School: MS Public Health (Biostatistics) / Ohio State University

Hobbies: I like to read and watch baseball. I also like to play with my dog when I’m in North Canton.

Reason for Interning at Komen Columbus: I want to get experience in public health. I have lived in Columbus for a long time so I am glad to be involved with work in the community.

Post Graduation Plans: My goal is to find a job as a statistician. I would love to work at a research hospital.

Annie Kirchstein
Annie Kirchstein

Meet Annie

Hello, I am Annie Kirchstein and I’m excited to be a part of the Komen AFFILIATE team this semester! I will be the Communication intern this semester. I am originally from Dayton, Ohio but graduated from Rosemount High School in Minnesota.

Major and School: Strategic Communications with a minor in professional writing at The Ohio State University

Hobbies: When I am not busy with school, I like to read a good book or bike on the different biking trails that Columbus has to offer. In addition to that, I love spending time with my family who has just recently moved to Columbus.  I enjoy showing them around the city and going to the “touristy” attractions and restaurants.

Reason for Interning at Komen Columbus: I have had family and friends that have previously been affected by different types of cancers, including breast cancer. I was raised understanding the importance of finding a cure. I knew the mission of Susan G. Komen and I was interested in helping the preparations for Race for the Cure 2014!

Post Graduation Plans: After graduating from Ohio State this upcoming fall, I hope to work in public relations or marketing for a sports team. I love any and all types of sports, so working in that field would be a dream job!

Sue Swyt
Sue Swyt

Meet Sue

Hello, I am Sue Swyt from Dublin, Ohio. I will be the Development Intern this semester.  I’m excited to be a part of the Komen Columbus team for the next six months!

Major and School:  Masters of Public Administration, Capstone in Nonprofit Strategy and Innovation, John Glenn School of Public Affairs

Hobbies:  I’m trying to get in better shape so: Zumba, spinning & bootcamp.  Gardening- I do the vegetables, my husband does the plants and flowers. I belong to the Society of American Magicians and do small magic shows for family or my children’s classroom.  Oh, and I’m failing rather spectacularly at learning the bagpipes in time for the Dublin Irish Festival.

Reason for Interning at Komen Columbus:  Shared values: I want to see an end to breast cancer, and I care very deeply about equity of care. I love how Komen attacks breast cancer on all fronts: prevention, early diagnosis, research, treatment assistance and counseling.

Nathan Zhang
Nathan Zhang

Meet Nathan

Hello, I am Nathan ZHANG from Qingdao, China and I’m excited to be a part of the Komen AFFILIATE team this semester! I will be the Market Research intern this semester.

Major and School: I’m a graduating senior majoring in mathematics at Ohio State

Hobbies: I like sports, such as running and racquetball. I enjoy watching movies with friends, especially if having some popcorn!

Reason for Interning at Komen Columbus: I always want to learn more about non-profit organizations. As a nationwide association, Komen  provides me a great opportunity to have a closer look at NPO. It is very interesting to see how Komen operates differently than a firm and it’s my pleasure to be part of it.

Post Graduation Plans: My graduation commencement is in May and I plan to take a two-week graduation trip. After relaxing a bit, I will be working for an insurance company at Cincinnati in June, I’m excited about get a taste of the big world outside campus!