We Can Do Better Than 8%

If you were downtown last year, you were likely moved by the sea of pink and the thousands of survivors celebrating their fight. You might have noticed hundreds of back signs that listed mothers, grandmothers and friends as “in memory of” and many others overtaken by the emotion of the day.

20130518Komen-6901There are many wonderful moments that happen during Race day, and many more that give you pause. We couldn’t be prouder of the support we receive from the community and thank you all for your dedication to the cause.

While our hometown race proudly celebrates being the second largest Race for the Cure in the country, as well as the hundreds of meaningful moments that happen during the Race, we do not fare as well when it comes to Race fundraising. Wondering what the 8% means in the subject line? Regrettably, only 8% of Race participants do any fundraising. That percentage translated to just over 3,000 individuals out of the 40,000 Race participants we had in 2013.

In 2013, these 3,000 raised approximately $650,000, which is a great accomplishment for such a small group. However, imagine how much money could be raised if 10% or 15% of Race participants took part in fundraising? The impact on our community would be substantial.

Wondering how to get started?

1. Log into your participant center today and begin sending those emails.

2. Download the “SGK Fundraise” app and reach out to your contact list.

3. Take the Power of 10 Challenge.

4. Make a donation to your own fundraising. If you donate $25 or more to yourself, you’ll be entered into win one of four $250 gift cards to Easton Town Center.

We can do better than 8%. We owe it to the survivors and those no longer with us.