“I thought being at the Race was enough …”

Connie Browning is a 7-year breast cancer survivor and current President of the Susan G. Komen Columbus Board of Directors. Read what pushes her to fundraise every year for the Race and why she doesn’t just “show up” anymore.

Connie kicking off the 2012 Race.
Connie kicking off the 2012 Race.

“I have run the Race for the Cure in Columbus for more years than I can remember and for the early years, I thought that being there was enough. I thought my entry fees paid for research and women in need; clearly I had not thought through how far the entry fee could go.

Through my exposure to the Komen Columbus organization, I saw what a great job they did in getting care for local women in need and sharing the money they raised with the national Komen organization to invest in world-class research. When I realized that Komen had played a role in every leading edge breakthrough in breast cancer research, I knew that ‘being there’ wasn’t enough. I needed to do more.

Connie with her family at the Race.
Connie with her family at the Race.

As a breast cancer survivor, people around me realized that my life was most likely spared by early detection and targeted treatment. It was not a stretch for them to want to help fund the very things that might have saved my life. I thought asking my friends and family might be a burden, but it turned out that they wanted to do something in support of my struggle and making a contribution was an easy thing to do in their busy lives.

So I asked. And contributions flowed in and grew every year. And as few years ticked by, inevitably someone in the lives of my contributors was touched by the disease as well. So they gave more or started their own teams.

Then my sister, Carol, was diagnosed and we found out we both had the BRCA gene mutation. I couldn’t continue my rounds on the speaking circuit for awhile; I was too close to tears. But I found the best information available was on the Komen web site about all they had invested in the BRCA research and how much they had learned. Now, my passion for Komen is reinvigorated and my voice will now be louder about my passion to cure this disease.

So my fund raising this year is even more diligent. Everyone wants to make breast cancer go away.”

Donate to Connie’s fundraising efforts here or register your own team online by May 3rd.