Family History Followed Survivor to Diagnosis

When Susan Hosket’s husband felt a lump in her left breast, she knew immediately it was cancer. Even with a strong family history including both her mother and grandmother being survivors, Susan was still surprised with her Stage 3 diagnosis at the age of 40.

A double mastectomy soon followed, and then 6 months of chemo and radiation

“I celebrated my last day of Chemo on my 41st birthday with all my friends and cake and ice cream. I was so amazed by the support of my family and friends during my treatment.  The hardest part of all of it was telling my 3 boys who were ages 11, 8 and 8.”

Susan's last chemo treatment on her 41st birthday.
Susan’s last chemo treatment on her 41st birthday.

Even though Susan had a family history, 87% of women diagnosed with breast cancer have NO family history. Please help us spread the word that early detection saves lives. The 5-year survival rate for breast cancer when caught early (inside the breast) is 99%. Your fundraising efforts will help us educate women in our community about the importance of knowing their normal.

Susan’s team has already raised $2,400 and has its sights set on $3,500. Support her efforts here.