Over My Head Boutique

Over my head Over My Head Boutique specializes in caring for women who are going through hair loss or have undergone breast cancer surgery. Over My Head has been located on the Riverside Methodist Hospital campus, inside the Bing Cancer Center since 2012. The shop was previously located in Upper Arlington where it opened in 1998, focusing primarily on hair loss.

This specialty boutique now focuses on carrying the highest quality of wigs and head coverings as well as a wide variety of breast care items. In order to ensure you achieve your best fit with plenty of one-on-one time with a certified professional, appointments are required for trying on wigs, hairpieces, bras and prosthetics. Of course general shopping is always welcomed! Our staff is small but mighty, giving everyone the personal attention they deserve as we work together to help them look and feel their best in spite of any medical treatments and surgeries they may be going through.  Our selection is ever changing, and features feminine, comfortable, colorful and modern styles.

Here at Over My Head we often receive questions on what is and is not covered by medical insurance. We are a Medicare approved and ABC accredited facility, and we can bill insurance for a majority of the products we carry. While wigs are always an excluded benefit for Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries, many private insurance companies will cover all or part of the cost of a wig.

A very prevalent and unfortunate misconception regarding post-mastectomy bras and prosthetics is that they are not covered by insurance in conjunction with surgical reconstruction. This is NEVER the case, regardless of your insurance provider and regardless of how many surgical procedures you have had related to your mastectomy or lumpectomy. Beneficiaries can call the customer service number on the back of their insurance card to ask a representative about quantities of bras and prosthetics allowed under their specific coverage plan.

We are constantly working to spread this good news, and maybe you can help once armed with this information! Each woman affected by breast cancer has the right to look and feel comfortable and symmetrical.  Here are some helpful facts on insurance benefits and products available to both mastectomy and reconstruction patients:

  • It is federally mandated that insurance covers BOTH reconstruction and prosthetics. In other words, insurance cannot legally deny coverage for prosthetics, mastectomy bras and accessories which may or may not be needed after or during reconstructive surgery. This is outlined in the Women’s Health and Cancer Care Act of 1998.
  • Semi-custom prosthetic nipples are a very helpful product for many women undergoing reconstruction. They can be adhered with water or silicone based adhesives, and may aid in making a decisions on size and color when considering nipple tattoos/reconstruction.
  • Many pocketed bras are useful following reconstruction, as they can hold in place a push up pad to lift the unaffected breast, or smoothing pads to give a more round, natural breast apex.
  •  Custom fabricated breast forms are the latest and lightest technology. Many private insurance companies cover this item. The custom breast form is created as a mirror image of your existing breast (when applicable) and surgical site (for the back of the form). This construction allows the prosthetic to “lock” into place on the chest like a puzzle piece.  Over My Head is the second facility in the USA to offer this technology on site.
  • Benefits for pocketed bras and breast prosthetics/partial prosthetics are available to a woman her entire life, following a breast cancer diagnosis. Breast size and shape changes over time and different products may be needed as the body changes. Typically insurance will provide benefits for additional pocketed bras every year, and prosthetics every two years.

Everyone’s cancer journey comes with unique struggles and solutions. Over My Head would love to be a part of your solution. Please visit us at www.overmyheadboutique.com or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/pages/Over-My-Head.