Who Needs a Tutu?

Weekly WarriorWe are kicking off a series of fundraising contests to crown our top Athens Race fundraiser each week, known as a “Weekly Warrior.”

Here’s what you have to do:

The Race for the Cure participant who raises the most money from Monday to Friday each of the next four weeks leading up to the Race will win the title of that week’s Weekly Warrior.

Here are the coveted prizes:

  • A pink tutu!
  • A $20 gift card to Big Lots
  • A $10 gift card to Tim Hortons

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. To be eligible, all fundraising dollars must be entered online or mailed to the Komen Columbus office by 9:00am Friday of each week.
  2. The top weekly fundraiser will be announced on our Facebook page on Friday of each week.
  3. You can only be a Weekly Warrior once during this contest period. *Komen staff and board members are excluded.

Get started today! Register, log on to your participant center and start sending those fundraising messages.

Prefer to use your mobile device to fundraise? Search “SGK Fundraise” from the App Store or Google Play.