Dear Cancer | Amber’s Letter

Dear Cancer,

We have been together for over a year now. You have changed my life in ways I never knew possible. Since you came into my life, you have brought me to the highest peak of faith and the lowest valley of despair. You have restored my faith in humanity, and you have taken my relationship with God to a new level that I never knew was possible.  I have never felt so loved, supported, adored, and appreciated.  Because of our relationship, I have met some of the most incredible and courageous people, and I have reconnected with friends from the past.  My knowledge and vocabulary have expanded to lengths I never knew were attainable, and I will carry the life lessons and character building experiences you have given me for the rest of my life.

Amber and her daughter Grace.
Amber and her daughter Grace.

This is in no way to discount the hardships and, at times, unbearable pain that this union has caused.  The scars you have bestowed on me will serve as reminders of the battles I have fought and won.  Because of you my physical appearance, mental function, and emotional health will never be the same.  I could blame you for ruining my marriage, but I believe that God used you to remove someone who no longer served his purpose in my and my daughter’s life.  My daughter Grace. The love of my life. What an impact you have made on her life as well.  At the young age of five, she has gone through her own metamorphosis and has mastered the art of resiliency.  She truly is one of my heroes.

As with several relationships one has over the course of life, we have come to a crossroads—a time in which the dynamic of our relationship must shift.  Next month I will be done with treatment, and you will officially become a check mark on a list. There will be tears, laughter, celebration, sorrow, reflection, and several glasses of champagne.  So as we part, I want to say, “Thank you & F you”.  It’s not me; it’s you.



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