November Volunteer of the Month: Shirley Berrisford

Congratulations to Shirley Berrisford, our November Volunteer of the Month.

Shirley BerrisfordShirley recently started volunteering at Komen Columbus and in that short time she has made a big impression on us all. Not to mention, she regularly brings us bagels- which by no means has influenced our decision to nominate her. =)

“Shirley is a lovely and friendly person,” said Becca Thomas, director of events at Komen Columbus. “She’s a joy to have in the office.”

Thank you Shirley for all you have done for Komen Columbus so far.

Shirley shares with us, in her own words, why she volunteers for Komen Columbus.

What (or whom) inspired you to get involved with Komen Columbus?

My cousin was diagnosed with breast cancer approximately ten years ago and several years later my niece was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. After a brave battle, she passed away about four and a half years ago leaving a young son. Since then my family has volunteered to help with the Komen Columbus Race.

What’s your favorite part about volunteering with Komen Columbus?

I enjoy sharing time with the hard working staff at Komen Columbus. They are very dedicated, caring and supportive of those who seek help with their breast cancer journey. I have learned how very fortunate our community is to have this great organization working for the breast cancer survivors in our area. As a six year breast cancer survivor, I feel very grateful to have the staff working so hard for me, current survivors and for future generations.

What is the most memorable moment or event you’ve experienced with Komen Columbus? And why?

The most touching moments are seeing the survivors participating in the Race for the Cure. Also having the opportunity to speak with some survivors learning something about them and their journey. A very memorable and emotional moment, one that stays with you.

When you’re not volunteering for Komen Columbus, what do you like to do?

I enjoy spending time with my family, having  lunch with my daughter-in-law, Elizabeth, and going to my grandson Claytons’ school concerts. I also like to go to gem shows and craft shows. Someday I would like to do some traveling.