Otten Family

Behind every Race for the Cure Team, there’s a story. We’re excited to share these stories as we prepare to celebrate our 25th Komen Columbus Race on May 20.

Meet the Otten Family

Otten Family.jpeg“We look at the Race for a Cure as a means of HOPE for so many suffering from this horrible disease. There is so much energy and enthusiasm at the Race you can’t help but feel overwhelmed with emotions and excitement. My teams’ favorite moments are when we pass a group of supporters along the course. We love to listen to small groups playing music, cheering, or the motorcycles revving their engines.

I truly appreciate everyone who participants in the Race; Race teams, individuals and the Komen Team for all the hope and help they provide to those in need.

My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at 64, her time to be preparing for retirement. She held her head high and took on the fight for her life and beat it. She is now 76 and still cancer free. Numerous other family and friends have also taken on this fight and most have beat it. Their pain and suffering along with their struggles through the treatments are what motivate our team to do anything we can to help.

This will be our third year participating in the race and it has become a yearly event we really look forward too.”

~Michelle Otten Turner

Join the Otten Family or the Komen Columbus Race for the Cure on Saturday, May 20. Register and begin fundraising today.