Team Save Second Base

Behind every Race for the Cure Team, there’s a story. We’re excited to share these stories as we prepare to celebrate our 25th Komen Columbus Race on May 20.

Meet Team Save Second Base.

“I’ve been involved with Race for the Cure since I was 6 years old. I grew up celebrating my mom being a two-time survivor and was able to volunteer alongside her for 11 years with Komen! When I went to college in 2012, my mom was diagnosed for the third and fourth times with breast cancer. I was completely crushed when she lost her battle in 2014, but I knew I had an important job of carrying on all the work she wouldn’t be able to continue with Komen.

Team Save Second BaseI feel so blessed to have been an intern for Komen Columbus during college and I’m now the Events Coordinator. I am grateful every single day I go into work, but one thing has remained the same since I first started volunteering back in 2003 – my advocacy. I try and get as many people I know to be involved with Komen in some way. From volunteers, to Race participants, to donors, I love when my support system gets involved with the organization I’ve grown up with.

I started my Race for the Cure team the same year my mom passed away from breast cancer. This year though, I decided to change the focus of my Race team. A childhood friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer at 20 years old and is luckily a survivor. Catherine has an amazing, passionate and energizing soul that is always willing to help others. I knew this was the perfect opportunity to join forces and have a Race for the Cure team together.

Both of our favorite parts of Race for the Cure are seeing the teams! Matching shirts, huge personalities and a lot of cheering from each team brings the energy to the Race. Seeing all of the support systems coming together into a huge sea of pink is the most inspiring sight! We really hope to grow our team for even more pink, louder cheering and bigger smiles on Race day.

Catherine said, “It is so important to know your body and your family risk. If I didn’t pay attention to my own body, I wouldn’t have known that I had breast cancer. I hope more than anything to bring awareness to such a scary and popular disease. 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, and when I heard that statistic, I ruled myself out … until I was diagnosed and then it all came to life.

“Our team is so happy, positive, supportive and growing all the time whether it is shown at the race or not. I want people to see you can move on and be even better on the other side! I have grown, matured and learned so much through my experience that as bad as it was, I wouldn’t take it back.”

Catherine has just recently celebrated being one year cancer free, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to make the focus of my team now about her, and of course, to help grow her support system as well!

-Megan Montville

Join the Megan and Catherine and their team at the Columbus Race for the Cure on Saturday, May 20. Register and begin fundraising today.