Team Save the Mommies

In honor of the 25th Race for the Cure, we are taking the time to celebrate Race teams’ inspiring and motivating stories.

Meet Team Save the Mommies. 

“My name is Jen, and I am team captain of Save the Mommies. 

Our breast cancer story started in 2009 when my sister, Shel, was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer.  She had just turned 39.  Prior to that, we had no known history of breast cancer in our family.  It was Children need their mommies, no matter how old they are. We want to save them all! We want Shel to be proud of the work we do. - Jennifer Wente-Moellerdetermined that my sister had a BRCA-1 mutation, making her cancer a genetic variety.  My mother, my other 2 sisters and I, my aunt and female cousins were all tested.  Out of 7 of us, only one of us tested negative for the gene.  Not the kind of luck one would hope for!  But, that is not how our team came to be.

My sister’s battle with cancer lasted 14 hard fought, grueling months.  She battled with all she had, but the cancer was too aggressive.  It took her life June 24, 2010.  She was 2 months past her 40thbirthday.  My beautiful, fun, crazy, loving sister left behind a husband and three young boys (4,6,8).  She left behind countless friends, devastated parents, and three sisters who didn’t know how to not be a “4-pack” (as we referred to ourselves).

No one in this world should ever have to face the fact that they will never see their children grow.  Watching her plan life for them, that didn’t include her, was beyond words.  She was so in love with her family.  Being a wife and a mom to her boys meant the world to her. 

That is where “Save the Mommies” started. That is why we come back year after year.  If we can help save even one woman (or man) from planning a future that does not include her (or him), then we have done our job.  This is soo much more than personal. 

Not a day goes by that I don’t think “Shel would have loved that!” I cannot tell you what it is like to see her boys grow and know how proud she would be of the young men they are becoming.  They have been through so much and they are such great boys! 

Children need their mommies, no matter how old they are.  We want to save them all!  We want Shel to be proud of the work we do.” 

Jennifer Wente- Moeller, team captain “Save the Mommies”

Join Jen and the “Save the Mommies” on Race day on  May 20! Register and fundraise today.