Meet the Staff: Intern Heidi Schubargo

i1.) What events/people or experiences led you here to Komen Columbus?

Heidi1My mom has worked at Komen Northwest Ohio for about three years now and I have been involved in the Komen Toledo Race for the Cure since high school. I think seeing how Komen brings the community together is such an awesome thing. I love what Komen does for the community and the ones impacted by breast cancer. I wanted to get involved in Komen Columbus because I have a passion for loving and caring about others.

2.) What do you do for Komen Columbus?

I just started as a summer intern helping with the communication aspect of Komen. I do research, help with the social media, and work on any other miscellaneous tasks that need to be done. I am optimistic and open to new tasks and is willing to lend a hand wherever I am needed in the office!

3.) What (or whom) inspires you come to work every day?

My mom inspires me to come to work everyday. She puts in so many hours of hard work at Komen Northwest Ohio and genuinely cares about the women who suffer from breast cancer. My mom does everything in her life with passion and love, which I admire about her. I am definitely a mama’s girl, so I look up to her in everything that I do. I’m sure there are a lot of people who look up to their mama’s the way I look up to mine, which is why I show up to my internship everyday to keep fighting and supporting those brave women who have to experience this horrible disease.

4.) When you’re not interning, what do you like to do?

Heidi4I am an impulse traveler so when I am not interning I am usually on a plane visiting family, friends or a new city. My dad is a pilot, so I grew up constantly being around planes and in airports in different places. Places that I have visited include the Cayman Islands, Mexico, Amsterdam, the Dominican Republic, Germany, Switzerland, Belize, and Honduras. Although I love to travel out of the country, my favorite places to visit are the places that I have family. I am a homebody at heart and love staying in touch with family.

I am also in the Ohio Army National Guard, which takes up some of my time. I drive military trucks for the National Guard. I really enjoy my job and the people I am surrounded by. I have learned to drive many different vehicles in different weather conditions and on varied terrains. Another aspect of my job is to check the maintenance of the trucks. Ask me where the transmission fluid or oil is on a military truck, and I will be able to show you. Ask me where to check these things on my own car, and that’s a different story! Driving trucks in the civilian world is not for me, but I truly enjoy doing it for the military.IMG_0149


5 .) What are your plans for next year? What are your goals for the future?

I look forward to graduating from Ohio State and exploring career options. Although I am unsure of what I want to do as a career, I hope to have a career that will allow me to express my passion for others while being surrounded by like-minded people!