Feature Friday: Catriona Martin

By: Lindsey Jones

We are honored to introduce Catriona Martin of Canal Winchester, OH, who is courageously fighting Stage IV cancer and is today’s Feature Friday. Her positive attitude, bravery and passion to spread awareness is inspiring to us!

1.) When did you get diagnosed with breast cancer? How old were you?
My original diagnosis was May 14, 2014 at age 28. My most recent diagnosis was May 9, 2017 at age 31.
2.) What type of breast cancer were you diagnosed with and what was your treatment?
In the hospital after her craniotomy with the blanket her son made for her first battle in 2014.

My original diagnosis was Stage 2 triple negative invasive ducal carcinoma. I had 16 rounds of chemo, a double mastectomy with reconstruction, and 28 rounds of radiation. This May, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic triple negative breast cancer. So far, I’ve had four rounds of chemo, multiple doses of Xgeva for bone strengthening, a craniotomy, and CyberKnife radiation to my brain. I have metastasis in both lungs, my liver, my femur and pelvic bones, and my brain, so I’ll be in treatment for the rest of my life.

3.) Who inspires you today and inspired you to not give up hope when you were fighting cancer?

I have an almost 10-year old son and I am determined to spend as

At the 2017 Columbus Race for the Cure with her husband and son (11 days after being diagnosed with Stage IV)

many years with him as I can. He and my husband are an inspiration to keep fighting every day. Plus, my family and friends have come together to support me in so many incredible ways. Seeing people I haven’t spoken to in years offer me words of encouragement, meals, etc. is so heartwarming and inspiring. Plus, I really believe that medicine/research are close to amazing breakthroughs in the next few years. I pray every day that I’m able to benefit from those!

4.) What advice or encouragement do you have for someone still going through treatment or has a loved one going through it?
Don’t be afraid to ask for help! As women, I think we’re scared to show vulnerability and admit we can’t do it all. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from two battles with breast cancer, it’s that people love you and truly want to help. It’s how they show you that they love you so let them! And reach out to other survivors for advice and support! My breasties have been invaluable to me during this fight. It’s so nice to talk to women who have been in your shoes whether it’s to cry over bad news or celebrate a victory. Having that outlet is really a game changer!
At the Zangmeister Center after her first chemo for Stage IV treatment
With breastie, Amber Preston at a fundraiser put on for her by a local restaurant