Feature Friday: Alecia Dennis

This week we’re excited to introduce Alecia Dennis, who is an almost two-year breast cancer survivor. She’s originally from Northeast Ohio, but now lives in Columbus with her husband, son (Kolton), 2 dogs (Maverick & Rue), and cat (Cyclops). She loves spending time with her family and is a self-described sports maniac! She’s a HUGE Cleveland sports fan (Browns, Cavs, and Indians) and loves Ohio State football.

1.) When did you get diagnosed with breast cancer? How old were you?

Alecia with her son.
I was diagnosed with breast cancer September 29, 2014 at age 26. I was on vacation with my 18-month old son, my mom, and stepdad. 
2.) What type of breast cancer were you diagnosed with and what was your treatment?
I was diagnosed with stage 1 invasive ductal carcinoma. My onca test came back that I needed chemotherapy and on December 15, 2014, I started my first round of adriamycin/cytoxan. I followed that up with 12 rounds of Taxol.
3.) Who inspires you today and inspired you to not give up hope when you were fighting cancer?
Today my breasties inspire me! Having a group of young women who all understand what you’re going through and the hell that you have been through is amazing. It’s hard to understand for most people that even though I’m done with chemo, my treatment hasn’t ended and there are hardships about survivorship that no one gets unless you’ve been through it. While I was going through chemo, my son was definitely my inspiration. Having a toddler and going through chemo was tough, but my amazing family and husband always supported me and I always had a nice slobbery kiss to come home to from Kolton!
4.) What advice or encouragement do you have for someone still going through treatment or has a loved one going through it?
It’s okay to let people know you’re not okay! You don’t have to be strong every second of every day. Be gentle to yourself and remember that your job is to let your body fight like hell! For those who are caregivers or know someone going through cancer, talk to them. Just because someone has been diagnosed with cancer, doesn’t mean they stop being the person you know and love.