Calling all survivors: We want to feature you!

By: Lindsey Jones

At Komen Columbus, we’ve had the honor of getting to know hundreds of strong, inspiring breast cancer survivors, and each survivor has their own story to tell. We admire the strength and courage it takes to overcome cancer and we want to hear about your specific journey.


We want to put a spotlight on our survivors to honor them and their determination to beat cancer, while also providing optimism and hope for those still fighting the battle. In order to do so, we are excited to announce “Feature Friday!”

Feature Friday will be a way to dedicate all of our social media channels to a single survivor each week to share photos, stories and thoughts or advice for others survivors, from survivors. Seeing as we aspire to inspire, we hope that seeing the fearlessness and bravery behind local faces will do just that.


If you are interested in participating, you can complete the questions below, and email them along with any pictures you’d like to

-Please make sure to introduce yourself, what you like to do and where you’re from. If you include your social media handles we can tag you in our posts.

1.) When did you get diagnosed with breast cancer? How old were you?

2.) What type of breast cancer were you diagnosed with and what was your treatment?

3.) Who inspires you today and inspired you to not give up hope when you were fighting cancer?

4.) What advice or encouragement do you have for someone still going through treatment or has a loved one going through it?

5.) Do you have any photos of yourself during your breast cancer journey?


-If there is anything else you would like to share, please do not hesitate to do so!


We can’t wait to hear from you!